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[1. Origins of the Event]

==This first post is really just me wittering on about myself and the origins of this event. See posts 2, 3 and 4 for the actual basics of the event, and 5-8 for full details==

Hi, I'm Itzamna, and I'm still pretty new to this whole RP-hosting malarkey. Yesterday (30th Dec) I hosted my first RP, "The Worgen Curse Strikes Brill", as seen in this post.

The turnout was excellent (I anticipated perhaps 7 people, and by the end about 15 had taken part) and we all had a really great time, with an event which lasted about three times longer than I had originally planned (people just wanted to keep going and going!)

I'm posting a new thread here on wowgamer because a friend reccommended it to me as the go-to place for RP and I want to expand the event and include even more players, especially since I've now gotten experience of running it under my belt. If you're at all interested, please sign below the dotted line, we'd all love to have you on board!

    1. Origins of the event
    2. Flavour Text and Intro
    3. The Basics of Werewolf
    4. What, Where and When?
    5. Special Roles
    6. RP Guidelines
    7. 'Werewolf' in WoW
    8. Other Rules and Guidelines

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[2. Flavour Text and Intro]

The Worgen curse is spreading, and it's doing it with far greater speed and potency than the Forsaken had ever gambled on. Even the races of the Horde, who until now believed themselves to be immune to the curse, have discovered traitors in their midst who blend in with normal citizens in the light of day, but transform at night into lupine monsters. Fur grows from bone, tusks and horns twist into horrific new shapes, and ears become just a little bit pointier.

Rumours abound of a pack of worgen elders who have created this new curse in secret, and Forsaken intelligence has tracked them back to Brill, the doorstep of the undercity. While the motives of such a group are unclear, one thing is certain. The curse must be cut off at the source, or the very security of the Undercity itself could be under threat...

If you've ever played the party game 'Werewolf' before, or its similar cousin, 'Mafia', then prepare yourself for a treat! We're taking the classic game and putting into a deep RP setting, based in the WoW universe.
If you've never played Werewolf at all, then you're even luckier! You're about to discover an awesome new social game filled with mindgames, RP, intruige, mindgames, murder, suspense, mindgames and trying not to die!

For instructions on how to play Werewolf, some guidelines on how to RP in Werewolf and details on how the game will work within WoW, check out the following posts.

There's also an excellent breif summary of how the party game version of werewolf works here: http://eblong.com/zarf/werewolf.html
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[3. The Basics of Werewolf - 5 easy steps that will let you jump right in]

    > The game is divided up into 'day' phases, where everyone is awake and able to talk with each other, and 'night' phases, where everyone is asleep and chat/emotes of any kind are banned (unless otherwise stated)

    > There are Villagers and Werewolves. Almost every player belongs to one of these two factions. In most games the villagers vastly outnumber the wolves, at least to begin with.

    > Werewolves want to eat all the villagers and can kill one person every night. They will automatically win when there are an equal or lesser number of villagers than werewolves.

    > Villagers must figure out who the werewolves are and get a popular vote to kill one person every day. For the purposes of voting, everyone is treated as if they were innocent, so everyone gets a vote. The villagers win by killing all of the werewolves.

    > Apart from basic villagers and werewolves, there are a few special roles that have unique powers. Not all of the roles listed in this thread will be used in every game and some roles may be given out which you haven't been told about in advance, to keep everyone guessing! When a player is killed their special role will be revealed to all other players.
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[4. What, Where and When? - Character Requirements, Location and Dates/Times]

Server: Darkmoon Faire

World Location: Brill

Date: Friday, 13th of January 2012

Start Time: 9pm, Realm Time

Character Requirements: None!* In fact, feel free to roll a fresh character at level 1 in order to take part, especially if you hail from another server. Just make sure that you have at least a rudimentary character concept to work with for RP purposes.

*Bear in mind that the setting is a Forsaken village, so Forsaken characters are preferred (but not required).
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[5. Special Roles - Who are you REALLY?]

When you are RPing in Werewolf, you may choose to roleplay any character you wish (within reason). However, that persona is just that, a persona. Underneath your words and bluster, you will have a ROLE, which determines what unique powers and abilities you have within the context of the game, if any. You role will also determine whether you are on the side of the villagers, or the werewolves.

Here's a list of roles that you might be given.

[The Villager]
The Villager is, of course, on the side of the villagers. They have no special powers, but they may vote and talk freely during the day phase. The majority of players are given this role in most games.

[The Wolf]
The Wolf, is, of course, on the side of the Wolves. Wolves have their own secret chat channel which they may use both during the day and night. At night they must vote amongst themselves to kill a player. During the day their objective is to blend in and subtly steer the votes away from themselves and onto innocent players. They are usually vastly outnumbered at the start of the game, but if they are clever, they can whittle down the villagers' numbers all too easily...

[The Seer]
The Seer is on the side of the Villagers. Each night, the seer may 'divine' the alignment of one player i.e.: whether they are a villager or a wolf. He does this by sending a /w to the moderator, who then tells him whether the player is on the wolves' side, on the villagers' side, or is independent.

[The Alpha Wolf]
The Alpha Werewolf is on the side of the Wolves. He is the leader of his pack, a charismatic and cunning being who can blend imperceptibly in with the crowd of town-aligned innocents.
The Alpha Werewolf is treated just like a normal werewolf - with one exception - if he is targeted by the Seer, the ritual will determine that he is aligned to the TOWN, not the WOLVES.

[The Doctor]
The Doctor is on the side of the Villagers. He is a trained professional, who can protect his fellow villagers from death at the hands of the wolves. Once per night, he may choose another player to protect. If someone attempts to kill that player during the night, then the Doctor will discover the injured player and save their life.

[The Hunter/Huntress]
The Hunter is on the side of the Villagers. The Hunter may choose one player to kill each night (by sending a /w to the moderator). However, the Hunter may not make a kill two nights in a row, and if he kills more than two villager-side players by accident, then he is automatically lynched in revenge.

[The Witch]
The witch is on the side of the Villagers. She is a master of eldritch forces. Each night, the witch chooses (by whispering the moderator) one player to jinx and one player to mark. The jinxed player is tranformed into a frog during the next day phase and may only communicate using the word 'ribbit'. The witch cannot jinx the same person twice in a row. The marked player is marked by the moderator with a raid symbol. This symbol is mysterious and what it 'means' is up to the villagers themselves to decide.

[The Smelly Hobo]
The Hobo is on the side of the villagers. He smells. A lot. Anyone who tries to kill him at night is diverted away by the incredible stench of his moldy old hovel. They will instead kill another, random villager.

[The Joker]
The Joker is an independent player, who is only on his own side. The joker loves to prank, and has taken the opportunity of this large gathering of people to play a prank on them all.
The Joker's objective is to be lynched. If the joker has not been lynched by the end of the game, or is killed by a night ability, he loses.
If the Joker is lynched, then he escapes with his tricks and traps and runs off, giggling maniacally. He is removed from the game, which continues as normal.

[The Serial Killer]
The Serial Killer is an independent player, who is only on his own side. He takes advantage of the chaos of the Worgen curse in order to get a bit of killing done of his own. Each night the Serial Killer may kill one player of his choice. His only objective is to kill everyone else in the town.

[The Moderator]
The Moderator is the person who runs the game. Their only decision is who gets what roles, after that their only job is to relay information and ensure that no cheating goes on.

The roles listed above are the most common, however, there are other possible roles so keep on your toes and don't be surprised if things don't go quite as you expected!

You are allowed to reveal your role publicly at any time during the day phase (or pretend to be something that you are not), but bear in mind that if you have a powerful villager role (like the seer) then the wolves will probably kill you, and if you reveal that you're a wolf, then the villagers will probably try to lynch you!
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[6. RP Guidelines - What is your motivation?]

When considering your RP character, please bear the setting in mind. Brill is beset by a Worgen curse that threatens to transform its inhabitants into monsters...or food. Why are you risking your neck visiting such a place? Here's a few ideas:

[All races] You are a travelling adventurer, concerned about the reports of strange goings-on at the doorstep of one of the Horde's proudest capital cities.

[All races] You are a resident of Brill or have been staying there long-term while on other adventures. Your livelihood and peace of mind are threatened by the Worgen curse and you are adamant that you'll do something about it.

[Forsaken] You are a member of a small detachment of the Forsaken army, sent by Sylvanas to crush the Worgen curse before it spreads further.

[Rogues] You are an opportunist, looking for a chance to make a quick buck from the crowds that have been drawn to Brill recently.

[Mages and Warlocks] You detect powerful, magical forces at work in Brill, and the prospect of power draws you like a bear to a honeypot.

[Druids] You seek to soothe the torment of these lost souls, and help to restore balance to a region plagued by such abhorrent magics.

[Hunters] Rather than being concerned for the Horde, you relish in the personal challenge afforded by these feral creatures.

[Paladins and Priests] The worgen are evil, unholy monsters. Go figure.

Please bear in mind that I am not very good at backstories and that these ideas are all pretty generic and intended for people who are really, REALLY stuck. It's far better for you to come up with your own, completely unique background!
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[7. 'Werewolf' in WoW - How does the party game work in an MMO?]

There are several key issues to an RP version of Werewolf: we need places for people to meet, ways to RP death and secret actions, and the ability to let certain players share information in private. Thankfully WoW grants us all of these tools, here's a run-down of how a game will work in this setting.

[Movement and Kills]
For the first game only, players will get acquainted with each other by meeting in the central square of Brill, in front of the statue of Sylvanas. Once everyone has arrived Night 1 begins.

During Night 1 the players rest in the houses around Brill, in order to shake off the weariness of the journey. Remember that during the night, no chat is allowed. During Night 1, the moderator gives out special roles to each player for this game. Since everyone is still quite cautious of each other, no kill actions may be made on this first night (but all other special abilities may be used if the players who have them wish to do so.) After everyone has been given their special roles, Day 2 begins.

At the dawn of the second day, the villagers will meet in the square again, discuss the results of the previous night, and cast their votes for the first townie lynch.
You may cast your vote at any time and change it whenever you wish.

Once any player has received enough votes to be lynched (worked out at (Players/2)+1, rounded down), the moderator will declare that player lynched (at which point, feel free to act out your dramatic death scene!) Their role will be revealed and all other players go back into the surrounding houses for the next night.

During night 2 the wolves may begin killing people, as may any other players will kill abilities. Anyone who is told that they have died during the night is allowed to emote their death, but must keep still, and talking is still forbidden. When day breaks those who were sleeping in the same house as those killed should report the death to the others.

It is very important that if you kill someone you do not RP it, as this will give you away to anyone who sees you! Just stay where you are and your target will be notified of their death.

The cycle of day and night repeats until all the wolves are dead, or the wolves are able to overpower the villagers (see: The Basics - Werewolves)

Day and night, calls to vote and other announcements will be made by means of a Yell from the Moderator.

You may only use public chat during the day phase. At night you must be completely silent.

Whispering to anyone playing the game (other than the moderator) is forbidden. If you are caught cheating then you will be removed from the game and banned from future participation, at the mod's discretion.

Any OOC chat should be restricted to the chat channel 'Werewolf'. Please join this chat channel as soon as you arrive in Brill.

[Secret Info.]
If you want to act in secret, send a whisper to the moderator indicating what you want to do. This is usually done to perform a secret action e.g. the Hunter performing a night kill or the Witch performing a jinx.
In addition, the werewolves will be whispered the name of a secret chat channel at the beginning of the game. The wolves can talk freely in this channel about their tactics and kills without fear of discovery. If a player who is not a wolf enters the channel then they will be auto-killed for cheating.

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[8. Other Rules and Guidelines - Wait, there's MORE?!]

Please do not use any mounts unless you have been knocked out of the game, in which case you should make sure you are high up and out of view. Having a dozen dragons swarming around really kills the immersion.

Once again, please do not send any whispers to other players who are participating in the game. If you are caught cheating in this way you will be removed from the game and banned from future participation, at the mod's discretion.

Please do not use any spells, skills items or abilities that would disrupt the atmosphere of the game. We're in a dark RP setting involving death and betrayal, not a magician's workshop where molten fire constantly bounces off the walls.

Please make sure to join the chat channel 'Werewolf' when the event starts or you may be left out!
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If you're confused about any aspect of how this'll work (and frankly, I wouldn't be surprised), feel free to thrown down a reply.

Other than that, hope I can drum up some interest, this really is a terrific game!
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