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The Bilgewater Grand Prix
in Azshara,
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Horde, I present to you: The first ever Bilgewater Grand Prix, funded and sponsored by the Gearfist IBS, and with commentary from the one and only Nimsil Quickcoin! Ya like racing? Drinking? Eating? Dancing? Well, we've got all that and more over in Azshara, so come along for an evening you won't soon forget!
18 March 2012
19.00 Server Time (18.00 for pre-race RP)

Event details:
The event will officially begin at 19.00 Server Time, in Bilgewater Harbour. but for those who wish to do so, there will be some pre-event RP going on at the Bilgewater Harbour docks.

Each race will begin at the Southern Rocketway Terminus (The one near the Secret Lab), and will travel to the Northern Terminus. The race can either be followed via flying mount (which will be ICly provided) or by using the actual Rocketway itself, for those who do not have one. You can, of course, wait at the finish line if you so choose, and commentary will be provided as mentioned above.

The winner of each race will be awarded a medal (via GHI), and the person with the most medals by the end of the event will be awarded the Bilgewater Cup.

The races will be split into these categories:

Keep on Trikin'!: These races may only involve goblin trikes.

Raptor Rally: Raptors trained by the Darkspear trolls or otherwise are to be use in these races

The Winning Wolf: Kick those filthy wolves into action in this set of races!

Kodo Kaos!: Achieve honour in the Eyes of the Earthmother in these races for kodo- riders only!

The Skeletal Slide: Bring glory to the Forsaken by riding a skeletal horse in these races!

Strider Struggle: Hop on those hawkstriders and compete for victory in these races!

Charging Forth!: Don't think we forgot about to Blood Knights! Ride forth on your noble steeds to achieve victory in these races!

Mammogeddon!: Ship your mammoths in from Northrend for these huge races!

Racing Riot!: Use whatever mount you want (Note: Must be an IC mount, so no Celestial Steeds, Tyrael's Chargers and so forth) and go for the gold!

Each category (Except for Mammogeddon) will be split into two sections: 60% and 100% mount speed, in order to ensure that thing stay fair.

OOC details:

Rules (Sorry, but we gotta have em'!)

No cheating on the track! (Bet you didn't see that one coming.) IC cheating is allowed (e.g. tampering with someone's ride, but make sure this does not prevent them from actually competing unless agreed with by the other attendant.)

Stay on the track. If you do fall off, which will inevitably happen to someone, try and get back on as quickly as possible to stay in the race.

Please be aware that, if you are racing, no flying mounts are allowed. As mentiond before, they are allowed if you are watching a race.

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I'm intrigued! I think the Inc might want to take part in such an event...
When is it going to take place?

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