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Criminal Rp

What can I say? I like it, I want more of it and I have an idea on how too do that.
All exciting tales have villains, and what is rp if not storytelling? Well, this is how I would like to tell a couple of tales.

The Bloodfang Cartel

The Bloodfang Cartel, a massive criminal organization operating around most of the seedy underbelly of Azeroth, whilst mainly operating around horde controlled areas it has been known to stretch far into alliance territory.
The Cartel is messy and relatively unstructured, consisting of several "clans", each operating a large geographical area lording over several "gangs"
The size, composition and area of each gang varies wildly, from the large thuggish street gangs of the Orgrimmar slums too the small packs of bandits in Mulgore.

The hierarchy of the Bloodfang Cartel is quite messy, especially amongst the gangs where one gang may hold the loyalties of several other gangs, but might in turn owe their loyalties to another gang who in turn owe their loyalties to another gang.
The only thing that is constant is the constant struggle for power, and alliances and loyalties shift frequently in the infighting.

Many of the gangs of the Bloodfang Cartel live normal, law abiding lives on the surface, indeed. Secrecy is an highly held value in the Cartel The reasons normal and sometimes outstanding citizens have for taking up a secret criminal career are many.
are as shifting as sands of Tanaris. Maybe they suffer from debts? Maybe they just enjoy it? Maybe they like the sense of secret affiliation? Maybe they don't know any other way of living? Never the less, if successful the rewards can be quite high.

Bloodfang Cartel


Clan leaders


The gangs of the Clan leaders


The gang leaders

The gangs

The reason I made it so huge is because it gives a lot of leeway with what sort of activities you can do, and where. Without stretching imagination too thin.

Following are examples of activities and gangs.

The Mischievous Murderers

A typical street gang consisting primarily of disillusioned elves, most of them poor, but all of them young.
In their rebellion against authority these youths goes far beyond any rules and laws. Often beating up and mugging the outsiders that have the nerve to wander in on "their" turf.
They are quick too scatter when law enforcement arrives, hiding in nooks and crannies that only they know of. Only to come out and continue harrowing the visitors of Murder Row once the danger have blown past.

-Oi! Give Us Your Stuff!-

A wealthy looking stranger have dared to enter Murder Row and wandered outside the protective gaze of the guards. Such an opportunity can not be forsaken!

-This Is OUR Land!-

A rivaling gang have crossed a limit they shouldn't have. It's time too show them their place!

-The Gig-

A higher up of the Bloodfang Cartel have arrived, and he requires assistance with a job. A hit against a local jewelry.

-Hey! That's My Purse!-
If you have nimble fingers and quick feet the life of a pickpocket might be for you, but you better run fast!

The Crossed Fangs

A small bandit clan situated in the Barrens. Consisting primarily of tauren, trolls and orcs. Branded criminals and crooks down to a man these outcasts of society are making a living
the easiest way they can imagine, brute force is the only language they speak.

-Highway Robbery-

Contacts reports that a small caravan is about to depart from Far Watch Post, better give them a warm welcome.

-The Raid-
Rumors has it that the Crossroads are light on protection, apparently most of the forces situated there are on maneuver. No time for loitering!

The Red Guard

The biggest gang of Orgrimmar these guys are the clan leaders of their district. Whilst consisting primarily of goblins they have don't run short on other races.
Their primary sources of income are extortion, fraud, gambling, drugs and prostitution.
These are the guys that keep the Bloodfang Cartel going, bribing guards and making sure that the bureaucratic wheels spin in right direction all while maintaining their position as top dog and making sure that the other gangs keeps their heads down and pays.

-You Better Pay up!-
A local merchant is behind with a payment on his "insurance", better go and remind him of why he needs it.

-The Big Shipment-
A big shipment of Brainrot has coming in, now all that is needed is to get it distributed to the local dealers and out on the streets, preferably without the guards noticing.

-There Is A New Sheriff In Town-

And he's on our drug running! A quick blade is probably the best solution for everyone involved.

-Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls-
Turns out this new investigator was a hard nut to crack, who would have guessed that he would sleep with a crossbow under his pillow!?
But this time he won't get away, the plan is simple. Get in, glue erotic posters of Varian and Garrosh together all over the place and then alert the guards.
His career will never recuperate from that blow. That ought too show him not to mess with us.

Now, this is not a guild. This is an organization. Just state your interest of partaking in this thread, or whisper me. And I'll add you too my list and send you a calender message when there is an event. I wont advertise for the events beyond that. The idea is that for those not involved this will be a surprise, I will prehaps not even disclose of the nature of the event until it's happening.

I would prefeer if you stated your interesst on your main, that way you will be more likely to notice the calendar invite (Maybe it's just me... But I suck at checking the calendar of alts).

You don't have too come on your main, and even if you do it won't have to “be” your main. Just grab a hood, some common clothing and make a new ghi profile named something like “Mysterious Stranger”
If this stranger acctually is your “real” character in disguise or not is up too you.

This “Mysterious Stranger” is preferable for several reasons, he's expendable, he can be killed.
He can change identity based on the event. Maybe you'll be a Highwayman in one event, a Pickpocket in another, a Nosy Guard in a third and a Helpless Victim in a forth.

And yes, this is the crux, just as every good story needs a villain every good story needs a hero and preferably a victim.

And this is how I imagine that these scenarios would work. Everyone gets a role, and a brief of the scenario as a whole.

Example; a caravan from the Far Watch Post too the Crossroads, we have the Bandits on one side and the Guards and the Traders on the other. The scenario goes as follows.

Guards and Traders, you will make your final preparations and travel by the road to the Crossroads
The Guards payment is a month due and one of the pack kodos have an infection in his leg.

Bandits, you have managed to get one of your own to infiltrate the Traders and the Guards. Your job is too ambush them somewhere along the way to the Crossroads. You haven't had much to eat lately and the sun is really starting too get on your nerves.

And while “Guard” and “Bandit” might seem a bit nondescript you're free to come up with a backround and an personality for them, it doesn't take too long.

Here, I'll give you a template and an example.


Race: Goblin
Name: Jixwiz Megabolt
Age: Young
Childhood: Third son of a poor smith.
Immediate Background: Missed his ship and became a caravan guard.
Temper: Grumpy
Thinking right now: About moms pie.

Jixwiz Megabolt born as the third son of a poor smith he grew up in the smithy, constantly surrounded by the sound of metal being shaped. As the third son of a poor smith he did not have much to inherit and soon left his home to search for gold and glory, taking his only inheritance with him. Namely the strong arms of someone used to working iron. He signed up on a old trade ship, only too end up getting left behind in Ratchet when he missed the boat (those Onyxia slammers sure hits hard)

Now he's trying his luck as a caravan guard, the Barrens are nothing like the salty sea which he grew up at and then served on. Besides he haven't even got his pay yet.

Jixwiz Megabolt was never a happy goblin, his two overbearing older siblings made him into a grumpy goblin, even if the beatings took the rage and fighting spirit out of him. And well, the Barrens sure didn't make him happier, he always wanted too see the world, just not this part of it.

Took me about five minutes too come up with, and another sevenish to write down.

But sure, just random criminal rp in the name of the Bloodfang Cartel (or more likely a minor gang)
Is great too, and something at least I will do quite a bit for now. Just slap on a mask and an alibi and go rob left right and center.

I would greatlyappreciate any input on this, and any help in arranging it.
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awesome awesome awesome! So like the contracts, but far more villainous. <3
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Well, yes kinda. You could think about it like that, but it has some differances.

Where the contracts (from what I understand) are ideas and excuses for rp this will go beyond that, sure the examples of activities that I have give could function as a form of "contracts".

But the main idea will be the scenarios I will arrange in the form of events. The thought beeing that setting a date on it and giving it a more defined enviroment will attract more rpers and lead to a more fullfilling experience.

Beeing masked means that you can leave any ego out of it without thinking about it.

I apolegize if anything of what I have written sounds messy or weird, I wrote it at 5 am and I generally suck at proof reading.
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Oh. Well contracts are basically done the same. Events set up. Done well too. :) I'm eager to see this get off the ground as well! Seems like it'll be fun
[Eltharis Sunglaive] says: better not have sex with my runeblade...."

A writer values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency. --- Mark Twain
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Well, all I really know about the contracts comes from what I have seen in the thread. How come noone ever told me about those events? D:

Anyhow, it's all up too the good residents of DMF now if there is an interesst in this kind of rp. Are YOU up too the challenge on any alts, Sastri?
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I've made events for nearly every single accepted contract so far... and for all the naga ones too.
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Well then, I better start signing up too those.
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