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The most deadly creature ever- in vash'ir- why- here's a description- THIS HITS LIKE A FREAKIN' TRUCK MADE OF LEAD GOING AT OVER 200 MILES AN HOUR WITH A LEAD ROBOT DRIVING AND A TRAILER FULL OF BRICKS! IT HIS FOR 1 MILLION DAMAGE! I'M NOT JOKING 1 MILLION- YPU FEARED THE FEL REAVER IN HELLFIRE- ABSOLUTLELY BRICK YOUR PANTS WHEN YOU SEE THIS IN VASH'IR YOU WON'T MISS IT! ITS 200 FEET LONG! Here's a videos to explain- This is not me, but i got permission to show this , thanks totalbiscuit. oh and the shellfish is a shellfish. not an old god- and its freindly, and HUGE!


"If I find this on Ebay i'll break into your house and tear your wife in half!"
"There is no Eroitca in the world worth this Torture"
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