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Yalis here,

Crazy barkeep of the fallen Ethereal Tavern. When I say Fallen I mean it in every sense of the word. My Bar fell into the sea due to that flying swine Deadbeat.. I mean Deathwing...No I was right the firsttime Deadbeat is a far better name for him!

Anyway I wanted to ask, are there any RP guilds based out of Lakeshire?

Is there in RP in Lakeshire?

Would you encourage RP in Lakeshire?

The reason I am asking is I am considering taking my insurance money from the destruction of The Ethereal Tavern and plugging it into the Inn Business! The Lakeshire Inn to be exact! ils will follow regarding this venture. Consider this as part of my research into Lakeshire as a possible venue for The Ethereal Tavern reborn/evolved/reincarnated/res'd/etc etc!

Thanks for your help,


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come back to us Liare!
atleast I miss you!

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