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  • Re: The Annual Shari'Adune Lunar Celebration 2013!
    Posted by Sindler » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:54 pm

  • Anedill wrote:
    -Dress code; don't show up in levelling armour! Wear something elegant and pretty! We may not be Highborne, but we do enjoy good dresses!

    Full battle-armour it is.
  • Re: [A-RP] Vanguard Market 30/4!
    Posted by Sindler » Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:47 pm
  • Was a nice little event, expected a few more stalls but overall, it was worth attending.
  • Re: (A-RP) Blackmist Brigade Open Muster Nights
    Posted by Sindler » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:35 pm

  • Ahvie wrote:
    ...just so long as it DOES fly!

    *a whirring sound can be heard in the distance, followed by a loud explosion and a trail of smoke spiralling downwards*
  • Re: Ask not what our server can do for us, but....
    Posted by Sindler » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:51 pm
  • Give me a few capable Gnomes, a handful of cogs, a fifty pound turkey, a glass ball, two pieces of wood and a spanner and I'll build RP from thin air. And a nice forum post about t...
  • Re: Your favourite BG!
    Posted by Sindler » Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:30 pm

  • Nirash wrote:
    As well was leaving the bg for one day, only to join the same one the next day.

    A day is nothing.

    Now, a week is somewhere at the start of the league.
  • Merciless mail
    Posted by Sindler » Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:33 pm
  • I'm looking for some level 46 to 52 Merciless mail armour of the random sort. Pieces with stamina are preferred (e.g "of the Bear, Monkey, Whale") but anything goes. If y...
  • Re: We won.
    Posted by Sindler » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:42 pm

  • Zugfar wrote:
    That story is written by Blizz creative dev :P

  • Re: We won.
    Posted by Sindler » Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:25 am
  • What is this? Serious Gnome lore? Who the hell writes this crap? Everyone knows that you should never ever ever speak, write or think about Gnomes without turning them into brainle...
  • Re: PvP Gripes!
    Posted by Sindler » Wed May 04, 2011 10:22 pm
  • I'm waiting for the patch notes.

    "Melee class X's damage has been increased by 1200%"

    "Melee class X is now permanently rooted"
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