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Cupcake College's Players proudly presents our new play "The Day Truly Met Her Worst Fear". This piece features the little ... erhm, I mean, ... big gnome warrior Truly, who is confronted with a host of life's essential questions, like:

- Are green gloves alright with red bracers?
- Are critters dangerous?
- Is the Shrimp Warlock really a warlock?
- Is it morally questionable to steal the Nagas' lunch money?
- What is our worst fear?
- Does that old, legendary sagefish really live in the inland waters of Darkshore?

Come and witness Truly's deliberations with us - maybe you can figure out some answers?

The play starts at Blackfathom Deep meeting stone Friday 4th Nov 2011 at 21:00 realm time. Expected duration is 1 hour and 20 minutes including one break during the play. Cupcake College hosts will welcome you at the meeting stone from 20:45 and onwards. The play will start at 21:00 sharp.


- Truly played by Ahvie
- Dolinarion played by himself
- The Shrimp Warlock played by Livius
- The Oracle played by Livius
- The Seawitch played by herself
- Storytelling by Arhilia and Livius
- Various extras played by Litheen

Hope to see you all,

Cupcake College Players
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Poor Truly...she's very nervous! She's wondering now if her worst fear is Stage Fright! I just saw her run off to go get "prepared", as she faces her worst fear TONIGHT!
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