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( As you approach the town's Quest board, your eye spots a letter with the golden seal of the Argent Crusade on it. )

The Argent Crusade needs your bows, swords and spells once again ! All of you .... Crusaders or just men and women who fought by our side, hear our call ! Almost a year have passed since the Fall of the Lich King and our scouts have reported rise of the Scourge population around the area of the Valley of Lost Hopes. Measures must be taken !
Once a proper amount of volunteers is assembled, you will be informed for the exact day, time and place.
Light be with you !

-------------------------------------- ( OOC) -----------------------------------------

Guys, its been quite some time since an Argent event took place. Playing an Argent Crusader, for my rp IC, I thought gathering all those of you who share the same RP style or just enjoy it some times. The truth is I miss the old good times where you could charge against undead, slaying one after the other. My idea is inviting all of you who are interested and create a Hack and Slash strategic combat event. Those of you who like the idea, post here and send me an in game mail (Lantius) in order to get an invitation for the event. If we manage to gather a proper amount of people, enough to create the the event, you will be further informed for the details.

Thank you all !
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