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A Hotspot - Defined by us as a place where RP is most likely to occur, or is already occuring.

The Blackmist Brigade Weekly RP Hotspot - Each week, a member of my guild or myself will assign a certain place in Azeroth or Outland as our RP Hotspot, the place where we'll be hanging out in our free time, to RP with whomever comes along.

Feel free to join us, as we engage with the locals about what threatens their cities, or as we take the time to stick our naked feet in the water and feel fish nibble our toes, or whatever it is we happen to be doing when we're there!

This week - You'll be seeing our members walking around Stormwind, on their day to day activites and errands.

Next week - Visit us in the quaint little town of Lakeshire.

Stay tuned for the Hotspots for weeks to come!
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