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That's right folks, after a long wait the Azerothian Wrestling Federation is back with a new season!
And it's not just a new season to look forward to, but an entire new line up!
Bonecrusher, the old champ, has decided to step down and his championship belt is up for grabs!
And whoever can fight their way to the top will become to new champ and fame and fortune will follow!
So don't delay, sign up for AWF V now and maybe YOU will become the new owner of the championship belt!


Yes, after some failed tries to bring back the wrestling tournament, I decided to make it its own event, instead of doing it during the faire one.
The tournament will be on the first of April and will take place on the stage of the Darkmoon Faire.

The rules of tournament are very simple and are as follows:

- You must wear some sort of outfit and have a stage name.
- No weapons or armour (unless the armour is part of your outfit and provides no real protection)
- No magic (safe for shapeshifting if you're a druid)
- No hair pulling
- No hitting bellow the belt

And in case it wasn't clear: Yes, this is the sort of over the top wrestling they love so much in America. :)

But we still need more people to sign up in order for it to become a real tournament!
At the moment only Grimbolt and Góran have signed up (though I believe Gobtog also was interested, but I'm not certain).

So sign up now people for some great, over the top fun. :)

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