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Heya all,

I noticed that lately many people are organising events.Sadly, some of these get cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’ which off course doesn’t motivate people to make more events. As most of you know, I organise many RP events and thus I decided to help out a bit by giving some pointers.

There was an existing guide on the Argent Dawn forums, and so I took that one and adapted it with my personal experience. As well as give some DMF specific tips. The list of tips is long, and no one says you have to do everything on it. (I don’t even do all of it for every event) But the more tips you follow, the more people will find out about the event.

I hope that this will help other organisers to promote their events and see a bigger turnout!

Keep in mind, this is only about how to promote the event, not how to organise it, how to make a great event, etc.

Step 1: The (DMF realm/wowgamer) Forum Thread

Perhaps the simplest, and yet most important step in arranging a good event.

A) When you make a thread for a new event, be sure it draws attention. It’s the only impression people have of what’s to come, and if the forum thread is disappointing, people assume the event will be too. For a RP event, its usually best to start thinking, well, how would people’s characters have found out about this? Well, a good idea is to pin “posters” in cities, and make that poster your opening line in your thread. Make it short, sweet and to the point. 3-5 lines is usually good.

B) Make sure your forum thread contains EVERYTHING people will need to know. Not only does it make your event run more smoothly once it begins, but it also shows you’ve thought this through and you know what to answer if people have any questions.
Like with anything in this world, if the presentation sucks, people will assume the same goes for the product.

C) A good Title
The title of the RP event is damned important. First off, make sure the forum topic states that it’s a RP event, preferably with the date in the title. Second off, make it interesting, no one bothers clicking on boring sounding topics.

D) Wall of Text Crits you for XXXXX damage.
Please. Do open up word and look your post through before posting it. Take a little time to make sure the main spelling mistakes are gone, and to set your post up nicely. Put stuff into paragraphs and points, with highlights, underlining and a bit of curvy lovin’ for easier reading. At the same time, don’t thin out your post to have a different line for every sentence, that gets annoying too. Again, presentation is everything!

E) Ok, so now you’ve got a great thread. But how to keep it up on the front page? No one likes reading threads where the author chain-bumps his/her own thread for 5 times in a row (sometimes cleverly with alts too!). So what to do? You could reserve your replies for when the thread is going further down on the forum page, so each time the thread needs a bump, you actually have something to reply to and say, so it isn’t actually bumping.

This is a simple note, but so damn important. Many people plan events for the same evening they are posting about them, or in just a few days. Honestly, if your expecting 300 people (or even 40) to gather for your event in just a few days, think again. A well planned and promoted event should have AT LEAST 2 weeks of promoting/thread making before it actually starts. Preferably I’d give it a month.

Step 2: Branching Out

If you want a lot of attendance, just posting it on 1 forum just doesn’t cut it. Some people never check the realm forum, others never check wowgamer, …

A) Post your event on the following places:
1. The Darkmoon Faire realms forum ... 1442&sid=1
2. The stickie ‘RP events’ on the DMF realms forum ... 1961&sid=1
3. The website on the forum and on the calendar. This makes your event pop up in the upcoming events section on the homepage! Make it a news item! This makes your event appear on the homepage!
4. On your guild forum (and ask people to post it on different forums as well)
5. On the wow events forum. ... 0221&sid=1
Your event might end up on the WoW events page and thus reach even more people! (

B) Promote it IN WoW. For example: make a little macro for /general that quickly sums up the event, with date, idea, and mentioning the realms forum thread.
But since this is a RP event (most likely), you’ll want to make a little /yell macro too. This obviously needs to be IC, and with some care written into it to make it good. You can use this a little more, since only people in your near vicinity will hear it. So move around and poke it in different areas of the city you are in.
Generally jumping cities and making announcements are a good idea.
DO NOT SPAM IT. That just gets really annoying, and will get people mad at you. One or two times a day is more than enough for now.
Last, TALK ABOUT IT. If you get the chance for an IC conversation, see if you can take the conversation towards your event, and talk about it. It makes it seem more alive, interesting, and may spark a little extra interest from by bystanders.

C) Put it on the IC Calendar!Invite your guild. Invite people that have shown interest on the forums. Invite everyone from your friendslist. Invite people from other guilds and ask them if they want moderator status. (so they can invite guildies too!)

For example; the Thirsty Citizen Tavern is announced on various forums, on the /general in the area we are in when it is opened, I /yell about it when it is opened, it pops up on the calendar, has been on the news items on wowgamer, has been announced on the wow events page, etc.

Step 3: The time draws near!

A) A week before
So, your event date draws near. There’s a few days until the big kick off, and now is the time to really turn up the sound volume on bringing out the message.
If you have people signed up for the event, send each and everyone an IC in-game letter, reminding them of the event.
Change your /general and /yell macros and use them more aggressively, or make different ones and use them at different times during the day. Usually saying “THIS WEEK!” is better than saying “5th of July!”
Start whispering guild members of good and well populated guilds, and see if you can get them to mention your event in their guildchat. Do this often.
Talk about it every chance you get.
Make sure every thread you have anywhere is bumped up and ready to go. Make sure everything states CLEARLY that the event IS SOON, and that people should clear their schedule now.
Report your thread and see if you can get it bluetagged, which always adds interest, or perhaps get featured on the main WoW page.
I’d almost say promote to the point where people get irritated... almost.

B) On the day
So today is the day (or night). Basically on the day of the actual event, do everything you’ve done before, but on one day. Go crazy, and make sure everyone remembers it. Mention it in every single channel there is available to you, to every person you know, and at every occasion possible. Make yells and channel macro’s that make it clear that’s its TODAY, and that people should be exited and ready to go in a few hours. Jump from city to city, zone to zone and continue doing this.

Final Notes

A) Have realistic expectations. If you’re a new person to the server, in a little known guild, arranging your first event, or aren’t known by that many, don’t expect tons of people to show up. As with everything, reputation matters, and people are more willing to show up to a person who has proven to do good events before, or has a good reputation, than someone they have never heard of.

B) “All this work! This is a game! This is supposed to be fun!” Yep, then just don’t expect mass people to show up. Arranging events in WoW is the same as arranging in real life, it takes a lot of hard work

C) If your event is only aimed at a specific type of player/class/race then remember that the turnout might be significantly less.

For example, if your event is a meditation evening for bald humans with a drinking problem, you exclude everyone that does not fall into that category. People that read your post might be enthusiastic about it, but not have a fitting character for the event. See if you could make it more open if you want lots of people, maybe you could allow gnomes and dwarves as well? Is it possible for people to ‘accidentally’ bump into your event?
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