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Ah be glad ya could join us here. Me name be Ren'do, and ah be de Chairperson of Horde Equality. Ah just keep tings runnin' smoothly.

Who are we? We be de people who won't be standin' for what Garrosh wants for da Horde. For Garrosh, de Horde be just about war, and just about de orcs. If ya be anyting but an orc, or if ya be wantin ta fight somethin' other dan de Alliance, 'e don't wanna know.

It means dat da Goblins an da Trolls be out on de outskirts of Orgrimmar, an de Forsaken an de Blood elves be nowhere ta be seen. De Trolls and de Forsaken don have anybody in Grommash Hold ta advice Garrosh. It's caused de death of Cairne Bloodhoof of de Tauren, and it'll cause de needless deaths of hundreds of soldiers, who'd be better fightin' the bigger enemies of de Horde.

We want two tings. Firstly, we want ta tell Garrosh exactly what we be tinkin' o him, an' we want ta make 'im see dat what e's doin' will destroy da Horde. Secondly, we want ta help does affected by what he's decided ta do, and make sure 'dat dey don't be suffrin' any more dan dey has already.

If ya wanna join us, talk to an officer, an' we'll see if ya hav de stuff ta join us. Of course, ya can also check out 'dis new fangled website thingy dat we got;

Association Chairperson
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