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Allegiance is alliance side roleplaying guild.

Basic information:

The guild is new but has experienced leadership.

Allegiance is a bit different in its own way. We accept people to join us even if they want to stay in their current guilds. But you still have to make application on our website and go through the same as those who join our guild in-game.

The guild is based around an adventure. Storyline which progresses and the storyline can be followed by our members in our website. The story continues in our events so you can get involved in it. We offer social roleplaying events too.

Our aim is to have two events in a week and offer roleplayers a place where they can meet up with each other. So if you are trying to find someone to roleplay with then maybe you can find someone in the guild. But we expect you to join the events too so they can be organised.

Currently the guild needs experienced roleplayers to join the team. It would help in building the core of the guild. This doesn't mean you are not welcome even if you are new to roleplaying. But new roleplayers must be ready to learn and listen what others have to say. This way you can avoid ruining rp experience of others so we don't accept vampires.

We don't have age restrictions but we expect people who want to join us to be mature in their acts. So we don't accept too childish behaviour.

More useful information and how to join the guild can found in the website(check forums):

In-game contact:
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