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I'm looking for some level 46 to 52 Merciless mail armour of the random sort. Pieces with stamina are preferred (e.g "of the Bear, Monkey, Whale") but anything goes. If you happen to come across any of these you can COD them to me for a modest price. And by modest I mean a price that doesn't include long lines of numbers. Will probably pay more than you'd get from the auction house. Keyword modest.

I'll not be buying the following, however:

Merciless Cloak - Cloak
Merciless Crown - Helm
Merciless Epaulets - Shoulders
Merciless Bracers - Bracers

I will be buying

Merciless Surcoat - Chest
Merciless Gauntlets - Gloves
Merciless Belt - Belt
Merciless Legguards - Legs
Merciless Greaves - Boots

If you are from the opposite faction pop a message and I'll collect the item(s) from them dirty Goblins.

In the event that my inbox gets flooded with mail armour, I'll be updating this list when I no longer need stuff. So that I won't drown under it or run out of coins. Or both. Preferably neither.
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